Rules and F.A.Q [read]

# First of all, who should contact us?

--> Anyone. Authors : who wants us to review their books or requests an interview.
Publishers : if they are willing to send us books to be reviewed and ofcourse everyone else who wants to join us as an contributor. 
Bloggers: who'd want to organize a giveaway with us or anything that they might think of that will help us both.
Super-models: If they require my contact number.

# Why should you contact us???

--> Because we deliver. Because we love reading and because we will give an unbiased review every single time. We do not edit our reviews. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and hence we let our contributors review a book without gift wrapping it to you.

# What type of books do we accept?

--> Almost everything. The preferred media of a particular book is paperback, hardback or ARC's. However, we do accept e-books as well depending on the circumstances.

# Should you tell your friends about us?

--> I'm hoping you would. This is one of the main reason why I'm typing all this.

# So, okay you checked our site and want another reason to visit us?

--> Alright. Have you checked the giveaways we organize every month?? 

Rules: [For contributors]
(simple really, but still read)
 *clears throat*

1. Before you make a review, check if that novel is already reviewed by some other writer in the blog. Its really no point reviewing it twice right? We do allow a second review of the same book provided your views of it are exactly opposite to the one reviewed.

2. Stay true to the story. We like it when you give it a personal touch. Remember we are also making it fun for the readers. So do not write like a bureaucrat, if you can avoid it. 

3. Try to include ISBN, first printed, price and the year of publication of the novel you are holding in your hands right now. We can make it easier right?

4. Tag them carefully. No need to put unnecessary tags. Try to include the genres available. If you are not sure of the genre or if its conflicting with other genres, try inky pinky ponky. No don't. Tag both. 

5. Yes, a picture is a must. 

6. I expect a minimum of 2 posts in a month. Yes, am a strict headmaster when i have to be. *polishes cane* THIS IS THE MAIN BASE RULE. A MUST FOLLOW [Yes, we do know that you may not be able to sometimes. But you are to make up for that in the next month or the month prior to the month you take leave. 2 months of inactivity and sadly, you are barred]

7. Respect fellow contributors. There is a shoutbox where you are allowed to shout. Yes, you are. But no spamming.

8. No asking the ladies of the blog out to dinner. Absolutely not! 

9. You have your own ideas. You do not want me to beat it out of you, do you?? No, good then i am always ears for whatever you have to say. Sorry, me and the admins.

10. They want to read it, we review it first. Hell yeah! Occasionally when the admins may be swamped with work, we will send you e-books of the requests we receive. I expect you all to review it that time.

11. Most IMPORTANT RULE : Absolutely NO linking your personal blog here!! This is not a place to promote yourself or your blogs or other blogs. See, we are fun people. But we do need to maintain a degree of proffessionalism *checks his suit in the mirror again* 

12. Take part in the giveaways. You may not win. But don't stop that from being a part of it. Who knows, Lady Luck might be smiling at you when you least expect her.

13. Grab the Badge. Yes, the square thingy you see in the top right hand corner of the blog. Grab it and link it in your own blog. Also grab any badges of any challenges you take part in this blog.

14. Love your books. Keep them safe. For God's Sake!! Okay now scroll down and read the F.A.Q


Q. How did I end up here?
A - Seriously? That's what you want to know. Maybe you fell down the Google hole and ended up in Book Land. So the question is, where do you want to go from here?

Q. What happens if I don't post the minimun of 2 reviews per month?
A- *avada kedavra* there you go. No seriously, nothing would happen. I would just be a tad disappointed in you. That means, you won't be invited on my birthday! Hmph!

Q- What's the Eligibility criteria??
A- A minimum of 7 in IELTS and above 70 percent during your Undergraduation. *phoooey* what am I? Your future? Bah! Can you understand what you write? Good enough for us then.

Q- My mom doesn't let me read books. What do I do??
A - Are you sure you didn't do something illegal?? No?? Okay then tell your mom to send me a tweet. I will handle her for you *flexes muscles*

Q- Errr, most of the tabs are empty and I don't see many authors. Why??
A - We were waiting for you to arrive, sir. Well yes and no, see we are new. Give us time. Don't go away. Noooooo

Q- Do I get paid?
A- *chews my hat in frustration* 
You give us a request, we review it for you. That way we either help you save money or make an excellent investment in a book. *thinks of asking for commission*

Q- Who is answering to all my questions?
A- That would be me, the exceptionally good-looking owner. And yes, you are allowed to have a complex now and then. Thank You.

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