Review: The Mother-Daughter Book Club by HEather Vogel Frederick

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Even if Megan would rather be at the mall, Cassidy is late for hockey practice, Emma's already read every book in existence, and Jess is missing her mother too much to care, the new book club is scheduled to meet every month. But what begins as a mom-imposed ritual of reading Little Women soon helps four unlikely friends navigate the drama of middle school.

I bought this book from a sale because 
1. Book club 
2. The club was to read Little Women

and finally, after eight months the book Gods smiled on me and made me read it this weekend. And what a delight it was to spend the afternoon reading this book without a break. It's more of a Middle-Grade level book which is apt for all ages over 10 years. 

I enjoyed the story of four girls who are not really friends with each other but are forced to be a part of the book club because of their mothers. Every one of them has a unique personality and dreams and ways to deal with the drama that happens in the life of every school-going kid. From having different financial status, parental issues, liking boys, and fighting for their dreams, the four girls will learn from each other and from the story of MArch sisters in a way that resonates with their mothers too. all other characters in the book are described in good details and there is something for everyone in this story. Together these ladies and our lovely March sisters gave me so many smiles and warm feelings. This book also had so many fun facts about life of Louisa M Alcott that I was not aware of. What an inspiration, truly. I totally adored this sweet fun read. 

I noticed that there are more books in this series, each dealing with a different book as the yearly read for the book club. I have added the books in this series and all the books that the club will be discussing to my TBR already. 

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