QBR(Regional): Double Bell by Harris Nenmeni


                                                        95 + pages
                                                       Green Books
                                                       Originally Published in 2020
                                                       RT Rating: 3.2/5

'Double Bell' by Harris Nemeni is a highly enjoyable read depicting the short incidents encountered by the author during his stint with K.S.R.T.C (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) The Verdict:This one is a small, enjoyable read featuring real life incidents.
Synopsis: There won't be a single Malayalee who hasn't travelled in 'aanavandi' atleast once in his life time. Many of us have fond memories/experiences of our travel in a K.S.R.T.C bus. But have you ever thought how the life of a 'Aanavandi' conductor would be?If you haven't , this exactly is the book for you.

The Good:the writing which is honest and believable, un-pretentious writing.

The Bad:nothing really!
RecommendationsBuy it!


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