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This week on Fae Friday, we’re talking about the wicked faes we have come to love! Faeries are known to have a bit of a wicked side. This week’s prompt comes from author Lydia V. Russell, and it is:

What is one wicked book that you not so secretly love?

I did not even have to think more than a second to pick  Command Me ( Royal Saga#1) by Geneva Lee

Royal bad boy.
Exiled heir to the throne.
He's controlling. He's demanding. He's dangerous.
He warns me to stay away—that the press and his family will destroy me. I should run, but I can't. The last thing I expected was that I'd fall in love, especially since he never will...

I first read "Command Me" in 2016 when it came up in a random search on kindle and the summary intrigues me. It was my first book with "royalty falls for the commoner" category and also probably the first book with so many steamy sex scenes. It was royally wicked combination in my head ;)

This is a story of Clara Bishop who kisses Prince Alexander at a party without realizing who he actually is. What begins with a kiss and her being hounded by the press as she is linked to Alexander, brings the two closer not just physically but in matters of the heart too. One of my favorite scenes from the book is Alexander discovering about Clara's sickness in the past and how he reacts to it. It was also one of the sub-plot that explains a lot of things about Clara, especially her strength in deciding to love Alexander and her demands of the same respect from him.

Over the years I have read this book and other books in the series a few times. Even when  I realize there are some cliches in the story or sometimes I find these two characters not too perfect,  my love for this book ( and next two ) remains the same. I will always go back to Alexander & Clara's world for some smiles and for the fairy-tale love story feels.

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  1. How did I miss your post!? I am so sorry! I completely failed last weekend with all the babysitting! Command Me definitely sounds like the perfect wicked post!


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