The Muse by Pratibha Pandey

Sometimes, for any bibliophile, a single short story can be a wonderful getaway after long books. At least, I'd like to believe so. Having read Pratibha's work since years before this short story was released, I can honestly say that I was actually looking forward to reading this!

When the "book" itself is only 18 pages, it's a bit hard to write a detailed review without giving away spoilers. The story is the interaction between two friends, one of whom is a poet who finds The Muse. Reading it brought a smile, and I suppose that's the biggest positive a story can get. It makes the reader happy. The friendship is portrayed that beautifully you see.

I wish P had made it a part of a bigger collection, because after finishing the read in under half an hour, one does feel like reading more from her. Oh well. Maybe next time, eh?

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