Review: Second Skin: Fractures: A litRPG Adventure by M Damon Baker

Second Skin: Fractures: A litRPG Adventure Second Skin: Fractures: A litRPG Adventure by M Damon Baker
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This was my first book where the story is set up in a Role-Playing video game. It was a little difficult to get into the rules and calculations that go into score and capability measure [ i am still not too sure ] but once you read through it, the world and the people in the story capture all your attention. The way the various abilities are built in the game and measured starts making sense after a while and it is quite crafty. The game is well designed and easy to follow, even if it's not too easy for the players. The land description and the people of the land are intriguing, especially in the latter part of the story. The solo travel for the lead character is a little repetitive but the book is fun to read when she teams up with others. The main city, in the end, was quite interesting and hope it continues to be so since the little story that has been built up for the sequel is well crafted.

My only complaint was from the whole scorecard being pulled up again and again when I already had read the gist of it from the character point of view. Also, I am not too sure of the way her feelings about her transition from real to gaming world were handled. The struggle was believable, but the conclusion, not so much.

Still an enjoyable read out of my comfort zone and area of interest. Might try the sequel in a few months.

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