Thursday, March 22, 2018

Little Boy Blue by M.J. Alridge

                Little Boy Blue is the first book by M.J.Alridge that I have read.It's basically a crime thriller and is the fifth book in the D.I.Helen Grace series.I was not that aquainted with Helen Grace and her subordinates before picking this book up for my weekend read, still I found this work to be quite an enjoyable read.

            Jake Elder( a professional dominator) is found dead in one of the shady clubs in Southampton.Though the case initially looks like a bizarre sex game gone wrong,pretty soon it becomes clear that there is something more to it,as bodies start piling up in a similar fashion at various other places.What's more striking is Helen's personal equations with the victims and it becomes evident that a lot is at stake for her. Adding spice to the narrative is the unhealthy competition between Helen's subordinates , Sanderson and Brookes.The tension catches on, the killer is revealed culminating in a stunning climax, leaving the reader anxious and surprised at the sudden turn of events.

Little Boy Blue is undoubtedly a fast paced,nail-biting thriller.I can't wait to grab a copy of the next one in this installment.I'm giving it a 3.5 out of 5.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Review: Aqson Level I by Sreejib

Aqson Level I

Genre : Mythology , Thriller ,
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started this book casually one day while in flight and before I knew I had reached my destination and I hated that I had to stop reading.

Aqson is a game played between Lucifer and God to claim each other's weapons and for general winning over each other, till next game. This particular game is for 30 years and the goal is to become the PM of the country, India . ( Ok, please accept it as fiction and move on)

The book starts setting the stage with this and then jumps 20 years ahead where Lucifer has declared his weapon - Yuvrani , pathos who is the youngest party chief of the ruling party and daughter of the current PM , along her angel Vanraj.  God is yet to make a move, and even when his team's angel Job ( why that name , I wonder ) makes an appearance in Kolkata, his weapon Life is no where in picture for most of the book. Interesting and wait when this mystery gets solved ..

Since the game is set in political context , we meet a lot of political players , see the rise of a student party and how it changes the political face of the state and country too. The author knows how to make the political scene relevant and not over preachy. I wish some of the youth is indeed working on the ideas discussed in the book. Meanwhile , don't forget that the game is on and how !

The writing is full of humor and I was actually laughing in some of the scenes. The political discussion was a brilliant part in my opinion. So was the bonding between the people behind the Student party and their interactions with each other are so fun.

I loved the way the author established the back story , the technology and the powers of Angels involved in the games. This is a very fresh take on mythology genre and a welcome break from the books that have flooded the literature scene in recent years. This helped me keep my faith in Indian fiction writing.

The plot , the characters , the build up and the twists in this book are superb !! I Can not wait for the next part.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll

Agreed, this book is a smash hit and the author is widely hailed as the 'next big thing' among the new breed of women crime writers, but I found the novel to be a pretty average work.

A woman(Ella) accidentally stumbles upon two teenage girls during a train journey only to find out later that one of the girls (Anna Ballard) has gone missing. The book is all about the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of Anna. This 'Gone Girl' meets 'The Girl On The Train' kind of tale is told through the perspectives of it's principal characters -Ella (the witness),Luke (Ella's son),Sarah (the friend), to name a few.The chapters are pretty short and each one ends in a mini cliff- hanger (which was pretty annoying, after a point). The characters are poorly written, their motives and intentions quite patchy to say the least. Also, the reason for the 'guilt-feeling' of Ella and the others is not properly explained.The final twist is just about okay.

On the whole, I am giving a 2.5 out of 5 for this book.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Let Me Go by Shriram Iyer

Best friends Indu and Anshu meet in school and bond over all things innocent and fun. They start ignoring each other  in college but what happens when they part ways is what we call life. When they get a second chance to meet and be friends , it is going to test both of them to the limit to decide how long to hold on to each other. 

Sometimes you start reading a book with some apprehension and expecting to be entertained for a while. And it is good as that allows the book to surprise you in so many ways. This book is a ode to friendship with love. And I am so happy someone wrote , perhaps a little cliched but still a story that so much is believable and close to truth.

Anshu and and Indu have always been best friends and nothing more. Even in their differences , they have not thought to hurt each other though Indu's actions however selfish , have always been for love and to make her relationship work. When Anshu falls in love and decides to marry , he has no plan to think of his past life but it still comes to crash the party. How he manages his friendship while juggling with everything else is beyond imagination.

This is a story of messed up priorities , reckless loving and living. It talks of dreams and how we get derailed from achieving that. There is no judgement , nothing wrong or right in friendships sometimes.  This is a well plotted and inspiring story. The story pulls you along very easily. There is no pretense or lofty ideas in there. It is a simple book that is meant to make you feel good when you finish.

I really enjoyed this book and am so glad I spent one weekend with these characters.

My rating : 4/5

Friday, March 9, 2018

Antiphon - Ken Scholes

Book 3 of "Psalms of Isaak'

Read about the previous books HERE

ISBN - 9780765321299
GENRE - Fantasy
PAGES - 384

AUTHOR - Ken Scholes

SYNOPSIS - Nothing is as it seems to be.

The ancient past is not dead. The hand of the Wizard Kings still reaches out to challenge the Androfrancine Order, to control the magick and technology that they sought to understand and claim for their own.

Nebios, the boy who watched the destruction of the city of Windwir, now runs the vast deserts of the world, far from his beloved Marsh Queen. He is being hunted by strange women warriors, while his dreams are invaded by warnings from his dead father.

Jin Li Tam, queen of the Ninefold Forest, guards her son as best she can against both murderous threats, and the usurper queen and her evangelists. They bring a message: Jakob is the child of promise of their Gospel, and the Crimson Empress is on her way.

And in hidden places, the remnants of the Androfrancine order formulate their response to the song pouring out of a silver crescent that was found in the wastes.

“Part of me wants justice for this. Part of me wants to never cause harm to another.” 
“Watch for the ones who leave your mouth hanging open. Study them, find out what they love and what they fear. Dig the treasure out of their soul and hold it to the light. Then Be like them.” 
“Her laughter was an upbeat song set to a minor key.” 

FL Speak - It took me a while to get into this.

I read the second book 5 years ago. Book 3 was a blur. It was hard to connect and make sense of especially when reviews of this epic series are so less. Why internet, why? After a lot of searching and I really mean a lot, I went back to this and for the third time, Ken Scholes blew me away.

Book 1 and Book 2 were fun. This was a revelation of sorts. The bigger picture is still unknown but what was once myths and legends slowly turned into practicality and logic. The use of magiks and technology is a deadly combo especially when you have a nomadic army, invisible scouts, metal men, blood sacrifices and treasure troves of legends in the deserts.

The desolation of Windwir began the series. By book 3, we are getting to know why exactly someone annihilated an entire city and a race of people. Meanwhile, the canticle is still singing. or ringing is it? Music people can hear. The music they hear in dreams. Music metal servitors hear. I must be mad but I stopped wondering what that it could be. I just know it sings and it requires an answer. 

Halfway down book 3, I've fairly grasped the on-goings of the book. The Named Lands are in danger. Grave, grave danger. Neb, the boy who witnessed the fall of Windwir finds himself in the Churning Wastes, a vast desert hunted by strange women under abnormal magiks. Isaak is in the Named Lands, dreaming about a song. It's a compelling book, making you fall in love with the characters over and over again. We see a hint of a bigger plot with more and more impossibilities coming to a fruition. The Watcher and the Crimson Princess? Who are they and what do they have to with a race of people that came out of nowhere. 

The Named Lands face a threat never envisioned before. And within the Named Lands, there is treachery in plenty. Rudolfo and Jin Li Tam face the threat for their baby while the world slowly moves towards its impending destruction.

RATING - 5/5 stars

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