Books to movie / TV series adaptation

I am 3 days late in posting this but with my love for making list and books combined in one , I can not resist writing this.

So , very quickly here are my favorite book adaptations -

To kill A mocking Bird - I saw this movie before I read the book. Then , I watched it again. And I love it. The court scenes are so amazingly done that I am a little more in love with this award winning movie from 1962.

Harry Potter - I am biased af when it comes to HP. No doubt the books are better, but seeing your favorite characters on scree and watching them again and again over the years kinda blur the lines. So yes , olive these movies. And if I have to pick , then Goblet of fire is my choice among all.

Byomkesh Bakshi - I first saw the hindi series in DD when I was a child. Man, I was impressed with the detective character. One of the episode gave me bad nightmare I remember , but thank God I was always rescued by Byomkesh babu. Years later I read the books and then there is the recent hindi movie starring Sushant Rajput. He looks so so good in this. The movie takes time to interest the audience but is brilliantly done. I can't wait for the sequel.

Sherlock Holmes - If you think am drooling over Cumberbatch, you maybe be right. But in the adaptations , I actually enjoy the lady Watson a lot more. And yes , I prefer the modernized series over the movies starring Robert Dawney Jr. I am sher-locked !

Orange is the new Black - I read the book like a religious book nerd and then I started the show. The show is way way better than the book. It is absolutely badass and such a wonderfully scripted thing. The way it has handled the latest issues in the show , it's a must watch for all.

That's all for me this week. Hopefully the next post be on time. And if you need more options to explore , go read below posts too -


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