Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fables from India by Uday Mane

Set in the ancient times , Fables from India is a collection of 22 profound and unheard stories from a country known for storytelling.

"The Race of the limps" is hands down my favorite one from this book. The story of a limp boy who never won any race but neither missed running any one of them is something that really touched me. It is inspiring and has a lovely vibe.

I also liked the story of  a dog who wants to uncurl his tail but then decides to keep it the same way. That story was kind of unique and entertaining.

Rest of the stories had a new plot but most of the messages were quite old. There were few stories that actually felt a revised version of some very famous tales  / anecdotes The writing is simple and the stories might come handy to entertain a child. But it can not hold the attention of an adult , specially one fond of reading.

My rating : 2.5/5

Saturday, November 19, 2016

All Signs Lead Back to You by Aniesha Brahma

Every time Aniesha writes a book / story , I feel so happy knowing that it will heal my soul whenever I decide to read it. Of course , getting a review copy is one of the pleasures that keeps this blog alive. I have read all of her books and one thing that shines about her writing is the way she makes everyday stories special. Not just for the characters, but also for the readers.

It takes so much brilliance to show that there is a love story at every where we look with love and care for the feelings. And if you think teenage romance is so different from the way we love at later age , you do not know love at all. Be at any age , people make stupid mistakes and some brave choices every time there is heart involved. This is a tale of friends and lovers and how we switch between two , 'cause friends can be soulmates too !

Afraid of the future and being hurt , Diya Rai breaks up with Ashwin , hurting him not for the loss of love but more for the friendship that they shared. For both Diya and Ashwin , they were the most suitable person in the whole world - opposites and yet inseparable for the whole time they were together in school. Diya, the sensitive girl with a hurtful past found strength in Ashwin and later in Nina , her new best friend in college. Nina later becomes her strength and guide when Ashwin and Diya meet again , but refuse to have anything to do with each other's life.

I liked Nina and felt Diya was little too stupid for my taste. Ashwin is adorable and charming most times but it is the other two characters that deserved more than being caricatures in this drama.

Overall , A lovely sweet read. Do give it a chance to heal you when you feel low some day.

My rating : 3.5/5

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Deceiving Bella by Cate Beauman

This is the third book by Cate Beauman that has landed in my inbox for a review. While many author's style and books become repetitive , I can not say that for Cate atleast.

First thing , the plot and the thrill was much more in this book than the last two I read. I definitely loved the story in this one. And some how , this was a little away from a perfect characters and setting.

Bella has finally laid to rest , her past and the stigma associated with it. But she can not stay away from trying to locate his father and when she does that , she is not ready for either the truth or the dangers she has knocked the doors of. Reed , after a near death experience walks away from his job and settles in LA to a good job and a house next to Bella. Never did he think that the answers he been seeking all his life would be so close to him yet to hard to get once he is involved with Bella.

The chemistry between the two is very casually built and based on being friends , something that I liked. The other cast in the book is given good space and time to develop and be known to the readers as we close in on the final. The romance is a little off the mark compared to the other books I read but one will totally appreciate the way it is build up and handled in a very natural manner. As both Reed and Bella come to terms with their truths , the feelings expressed are very heartfelt.

I like the "Bodyguards of LA"series and so far , I will readily read the other books that I have missed in the series.

My rating :3.5/5

Monday, November 7, 2016

Blood in the paradise - a tale of an impossible murder by Madhav Mahidhar

Blood in paradise is a difficult book to like and a little difficult to let go too. The best part of the book is in knowing the result , but not the journey to the moment that set the things rolling. I liked the plot a lot , but the writing and editing turned me off. There are some events that are repeatedly told by different voices without adding any new perspective or direction to the story.

Madhumita tried to attempt suicide but is saved by her husband who dies from the same poison. It could be accident , or a planned murder but it will be no less than miracle to prove it in the court. The character development for key persons is done well , even if at misplaced locations in the story.  The court proceedings and the debate / protests that follow this case from the outside are one of the brilliant ideas in the book and I like the author presenting things in that format. Not just the flow is good there , even the arguments are worthy. But at other places , there is a disconnect or a feeling of treating reader as too unaware. That is a tad dragging. I felt the book needs a little trimming.

A good weekend read otherwise.

My rating : 3/5

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ultra Short Review of Ruchita Misra's 'I Do, Do I?

    Ruchita Misra’s  ‘I Do! Do I?’ is her follow up to her ‘The Ineligible Bachelors’ which apparently became a ‘National Best-Seller’ .The In-eligible Bachelors was an okay work and though it pretended itself to be a satirical take on Indian Marriages, the book was nothing but pure-unadulterated desi chic-lit. ‘I Do! Do I? is kind of a sequel to ‘TIB’ and traces the events happening in Kasturi Shukla’s life after her marriage has been fixed with Dr Purva Dixit. To give credit where it’s due, I sort of enjoyed the first 170+ pages or so (of this 300+ page book), but after that, the book started getting repetitive with the jokes falling flat, the female protagonist behaving more and more stupid and nothing much really happening in the story line.The climax chase and the supposedly hilarious finale is nothing new and is only what we have seen in a dozen rom-com Bollywood flicks.Ruchita’s writing is plain,with a few hilarious one-liners here and there and the book  is clearly aimed at those urban readers who just want to read an over-long, predictable, generic, desi chic-lit. I’m giving it a 2.5 out of 5. It’s not as boring as ‘One Indian Girl’, but not that great either. 


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