Thursday, October 27, 2016

Skyfire by Aroon Raman

Skyfire features Syed Hassan , Meenakshi and Chandrashekahr from Aroon's previous book "the shadow throne" which also was a crime thriller from the way it finds mention it in the current one :)

Skyfire is a story of manipulation of weather and kidnapping of random kids from Delhi that gets noticed when one of Hassan's protegee disappears and the police come asking for him pertaining to a fake robbery case. While Hassan ( whose cover is of ACP but is actually is one of India's top secret service agent ) is stuck with issues of national security , his friends Meena and Chandar are left to do some poking and thinking on their own about the disappearance and the weird clues that the boy Gopal has left behind. The story felt like watching a movie where in you have a feel for the bad guy right from beginning but you are curious to know how it all unfolds. As the story progressed , I kind of felt compelled to finish it but there was a sense of disappointment too for the events became a little too difficult to accept on face value. It sure felt like an old movie where the villain needs an audience for all that he has been trying to do from years.

There are few twists and sequences that I liked more than the rest and the portrayal of how mistrust and miscommunication can be so dangerous in today's world is something so dreadful and shocking. Skyfire is engaging and fast paced, so much that I took barely 60 hours to finish. A new form of weapon , an intelligently researched theme but a little too stretched plot frankly.

My rating : 3/5

Monday, October 17, 2016

When love finds you Yashodhara Lal

Things aren't hopeless. You're acting helpless... If you are feeling the way you are, it's because you simply haven't made the right decisions... You know what you are supposed to do. You just haven't decided to do it yet.. 

An year back I had the chance to read Yashodhara's book There's something about you and based on that I was as excited to read her latest book as I was a little prepared to be disappointed by romance not being my cup of tea in general. I must say , Yashodhara knows how to create realistic , relevant and some very endearing love stories.

The book was a pretty fast and easy read for me and  as much I could understand what was really going on with Natasha , the badass "Hitler" boss in the work front , I found her a little too much to like or dislike all through the book. The past story  and the things or people she left behind in pursuit of success , paled a little as they were touched upon very rare or very late. Still ,the author managed to present a very clear picture of a single woman trying to break the glass ceiling in her office by hard work and focus on her work. Of course , it is never enough for her previous or the new boss as things take a shocking turn for her.

There are quite a few other characters in the plot and I felt they have been underutilized in the book. I would have liked knowing more and seeing them more in the life of Natasha. There are a few technical references which were not very clear to me. Yet the book kept me hooked. I loved Nikhil and her daughter's bonding and characters very much. with them , Natasha was almost comfortable and casual in her talks. Otherwise , I felt the dialogues a little stretched.

Overall , a good fun read for a lazy romantic afternoon.

My Rating : 3.5/5

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mornings After by Tharun James Jimani

"You are doing it out of love , you say, and they're concerned for you out of lov,and I hear a lot of talk about love but how do you even know they love you if everything they know about your adult life is a wildly fabricated lie ?"

Mornings After is the kind of book that will either interest you immediately or may take a few pages , but this is such a relevant book if you want to understand or know about what goes in the head of a random person walking around. Some days we are like Sonya , the rebel of the family yet so rooted for approvals from friends and her mother that she is part contradictory , part independent. Some days we want to be like Thomas , yet scared to be that reckless , without anchorage. In a way , Sonya and Thomas together are so predictable yet an enigma for themselves. There are numerous moments and ways they hurt and heal each other and when they finally part , it feels like a betrayal that was waiting to happen.

The author has revolved the story timeline around the Nirbhaya rape incident and has very accurately captured the ways it affected the general population of India - some remained unmoved , some showed online support but very few were vocal and did something about it. The juxtaposition of that incident  on the discussions and incidents in every woman's life are quite a scene. For a moment , i felt the same fear and anger as Sonya when she thought of the night of the incident. The story moves forward without many bumps but it is the writing at times that is uneven. Some thoughts of the author are without context at times or a little disjointed in the course of story. Yet , these are tied in the very end efficiently.

I liked this book in-spite of the time  I took to complete this.This book made me think of some of my friends in parts and sometimes made me wonder about the hypocrisy of each one of us on any given day.

My rating : 4/5

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Untamed by Laxmi Hariharan

Untamed , the story of Leena opens with her travelling to the temple of Hugging saint to seek answers about herself. She is the only hybrid human in the city which confuses her about the way the city has kept itself pure blood since the great Tsunami. We see snippets of the background story through her thoughts and conversation with a fellow old passenger but what makes this an interesting read is the way her emotions and feelings are described so real. The clashes of two spirits inside her and the tragic guilt that she harbors in her heart makes Leena so much vulnerable yet there is a strength humming in her very existence. 

I picked Untamed to begin with as I liked the plot. This short read though left me wanting for more. Hence I am going to pick Feral next since that seems to be the choice by many readers and the author too. Each book in the Many Lives universe is a stand alone in the series hence I would try to finish rest of the books too.

This was a good sample of Laxmi's writing and her master-ship on this genre. 

Many Live Series - 

Feral (Maya's story)
Taken (Jai's story. Jai is Ruby and Vik's son. Mikhail is introduced in Taken)
UnTamed (Leana origin 's story. Leana is Maya's daughter)
Redemption (coming soon) Leana and Mikhail's story

Buy Laxmi's here

My rating : 4/5

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