The Dormant State by Dibya Satpathy

The reason I was interested in this book was that this was based on/in Odisha. The political plot of the book made me think twice whether there be anything new to offter in the book, yet I decided to be surprised by the way this book engaged me. The book is a little esaay sort in the beginning. The narrative, if it had been in dialogues would have been better. The tone kind if makes one disaasociate with the plot but it stays only for first 30 pages and later when the author does the same, you know better to let the story flow.

The reason for which book was picked , was justified and fulfilled to a large extent. The book gave me a very good picture and understanding of the state , its problems, the society and culture too. The growth of each character is well nuanced and balanced. The story is almost a thriller with each player pulling strings in his own interest , resulting in multiple masks to decipher.

Anirudh is a guy with heart and mind dedicated to service of others. He is a natural leader and so his rise to be a CM is understandable. The challenges and the political tie ups that he manages make for a very interesting read. This story is well researched and the timeline is almost accurate.

My rating : 3.5/5 

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