Roomies/Foodies by Lakshmi Ashwin & Meghna chaudhary Joshi

Roomies cookbook is not just for desi folks in foreign lands but it is a bloody good book ( smart name publishers !) for any one who has not cooked much and is going to stay alone. Eating out is never a long term option not to mention the adverse effect on health. Today guys and gals have to know some bit cooking for survival away from home.

In that context too, i felt this book is self sufficient. The authors have not left any thing out of the book. So generous have these ladies been while sharing not just recipes but also substitutes , the ways to pair up the dishes and even how to store them and for how long. The appendix has the ways to prepare basic essentials , the various cooking terms , the common ingredients and even what to carry from india and what is better bought from the place you settle in. This is one of the best book to gift to anyone gong away from mother's or wife's kitchens. Specially to get accustomed with the appendix well in advance so you can soon begin cooking your meals.

 The recipes are easy to follow ( even if you do not use your head much ) , gives you scope to experiment / change as per your taste and very much manageable alone too. This is no fuss , hearty , homely cooking. The stories behind each recipe makes you smile and bond better too.

 I do not have any pic yet to share but I tried 2 of the dishes already and am much happy with the results. More cooking shall happen soon.

  My rating : 4/ 5

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