The Rigveda Code by Rashmi Chendvankar

A female central character , mahabharat references and the tale about political changes in Ancient India .. inspired or purely fictional , one can not ever stop wondering or assuming the origins of change in society or the laws as we see it today.

The Rigveda Code is a tale of characters so well defined and developed throughout that none shadows the other. The story inspired from a true news clipping does not steer away from its plot anytime. It describes the references and the implications weaving the story into them.

Rikshavi , the princess of Vrij is given archery lessons by her mother and renowned gurus , each expecting and believing in her extraordinary destiny to shape the political structure of India while avoiding another war which benefits none. It is not just her strength as a warrior that makes her unique but also her wisdom and the heart that is at always curious to find ways to be just and kind to all. She knows her place in the society and the kingdom and yet she does not acceot that changes can not be made within limited resources. Krishna's Chakra as a weapon to kill or to guide , that lart of the story was much intriguing too.

I loved the writing and the flow of the book. Not a single misplaced emotion or incident ; no easy way out of the situations we see Rikshavi and her family go through and always keeping a sensible eye on details and loopholes. Rashmi made me break my one month spell of not reading with this quick yet worthy read.

My rating 4/5

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