Fireplay, by Steve P. Vincent

Novellas make for quick easy reads, and this one is no different. This book, Fireplay, is a really short (36 pages) book that is written as a prequel to the first book in the Jack Emery series. It focuses on the Australian journalist Jack Emery, who’s in Afghanistan, in the company of Marines as he works on a cover story. It seems to be going well when they’re attacked by a single soldier. The whys take them to a camp, Camp Navitas, but Emery feels there’s more to the Camp than meets the eye.

The novella is quite thrilling and works well in the short length to keep the flow. Short action scenes, and the characters of Emery and the marine leader Ortiz were interesting. I feel those who have read The Foundation, first book of the series, might find it easier knowing the main character and also the author’s writing style. I, knowing neither, felt like there was something missing. Wasn’t much of a fan of the cover page either.

I’d say this makes for a good fast read to enjoy on a journey of say half hour or less. I’d rate it 3 or 3.5 stars at most.

Rated: 3 stars
Genre: Thriller
Source: Author/PR

Reviewed by Vinay Leo R.

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