Edgar Allan Poe - The Raven (Review)

To write poetry in itself is no easy task, but to tell a story in verse is, I feel, more difficult. And to tell a horror story in verse, I doff my cap to Edgar Allen Poe. I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. What the book The Raven manages to do is bring a feel of horror to the story. I’ve told before too, when it’s the genre of horror, the reader must be able to get into the skin of the character and feel the chills, and with this poem, Poe manages to successfully do that. He even manages to bring a bit of lightness to the experience, which is remarkable. To step into the man’s shoes, wondering where the knock was, who the visitor might be, and then throwing the door open only to see the empty night outside was brilliant, and then the winged visitor at the window too. The Raven, with just one word, felt a little disinteresting, but it still worked for me. This book was the illustrated version, and the artwork was quite fascinating too, though I think only the verse would still work well to bring the art to the imagination of the reader. If this book is labeled a poetry classic, I have no doubts now why it is so, and why it is so evergreen. An enjoyable read this was, for sure.

Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Poetry
Source: Own Copy

Reviewed by Vinay Leo R.

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