Hey Dad! Meet My Mom by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal.

Authors- Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal.


Right since childhood, the world in which we live teaches us to bury our bad past somewhere deep inside us and just move on. So deep, that even we cant possibly dig it back out. What happens when a 10 year old child, who claims to be your future son, comes to you to help you find his mother, whos your perfect match? What happens when you eventually start doubting his intentions? What happens when a girl starts turning your dreams into nightmares? What happens when your future son starts haunting you? What happens when your future starts bleeding into your present through your PAST? Hey Dad! Meet My Mom!!! is nothing less than a roller coaster ride of mystery, love, comedy, fear and suspense. So make sure you don't forget to expect the unexpected!! 

Words of AT.

This book is Beautiful. It's completely Great full of strong feelings. Read it, break you heart, learn the lesson, Live on. The Authors have done an aboslutley Splendid job. The book is not very long. 160 pages, whole. To say it perfectly this is not a whole life biography of a person who's hunting for his true love nor  it is an important incident that occurs  and you say and cherish whole life, This is a story in which the  past, present and future of a person who has absolutely no idea who his real love is, is neatly woven. 
                                   It starts with Puneet, said in his own voice, who sees his FUTURE son. His FUTURE son helps Puneet to get on with Myra. But then his life is changed. He begins to feel a hollow emptiness in his life. Roshni? who was she? and who is the girl who keeps on coming in his dreams? or better Nightmares? Rishi, his future son says he's from Puneet's PAST. Then with his son's help, he is said the truth by his mother. and Then, Nothing is normal.
                     Very great book, the story is told perfectly. The truth of his life will steal your heart, the end of the book breaks your heart and in the end this is a perfect story. There is no problem in the consistency, it beautifully flows as the new born river. I would recommend this book to any one because the idea is different and new. and the lessons which are hidden between the pages and paragraphs are larger than you think.

My Rating- 4.8/5

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