The Amazing Racist by Chhimmi Tenduf-La

Title:The Amazing Racist
Publisher:Hachette India
Author:Chhimmi Tenduf-La
Source:blogadda book review program

Plot-Well,the plot is quite wafer thin.Eddie Trusted has got appointed as a teacher in an International School in Srilanka.He falls in love with Menaka Rupasinghe,a Srilankan native and the daughter of Thilak Rupasinghe,the great litigation lawyer and former President’s Counsel.He is infact a terror and obviously,a difficult man to please.Amazing Racist,a 'Meet the Parents/Bewakoofiyan' meets 'Something Something Unakkum Enakkum' kind of story, is all about Eddie's struggles to win over his lady love's no-nonsense dad,Thilak, the 'amazing racist'.

Characters-As mentioned earlier,Eddie is the hero and Menaka is the heroine.But the book is actually about Thilak(the villain of this romantic tale)and his idiosyncracies.Now,don't get me wrong!They are not the only characters in this novel.Chhimmi Tenduf La has made sure that there are a host of quirky and unique peripheral characters in his debut work as an author.For instance,we have Gayan,(Menaka's second cousin and best friend) who doesn't mind asking our hero whether he has a p****s or not,right during their 'first meeting'!Them here are many funny and interesting characters in the narrative,with almost all of them well etched out.

Language and Writing-The language is simple,yet effective! However,'simple' doesn't imply that Chimmi's writing is as bland/mediocre as that of the average 'National Best-Selling desi romance writers'.'The Amazing Racist' is definitely not one among those assembly line romance-dramas which hits the Indian book stores every other week.This one definitely qualifies as an enjoyable light read peppered with sarcasm and satire(the observation about SriLankan roads and pedestrians).I think,we Indians will easily relate to the author's observations as things are pretty much the same,here too!

Book Design,Overall Layout and Print quality-The book scores high in all these departments.The Cover design is also quite good.Obviously,when it's priced at 399 INR/- and brought out by a renowned publishing house like Hachette,what else do you expect?

Remarks-Hilarious and thought provoking,Chhimmi Tenduf-La’s debut novel,’The Amazing Racist’ is an absolute page turner.Though the story line of this book may not be exactly innovative or path-breaking,the debutant writer has more than made good for it with his execution.The book is witty and manages to entertain the reader with it's satirical take on the Srilankan society.
On the downside,the plot is quite generic.Desperate boy-friend trying to woo his potential father-in-law is something which has been tried since ages!Some of the jokes actually fall flat.A little bit of editing in the second part of the book was also needed,I feel. What say,you?

What I liked the most about this book-
1.The overall tone of the book.
2.The author's unpretentious writing style.
3.The genuine LOL moments in the narrative.
4.The well etched out characters and their natural transformation.

What I didn't like-
1.The plot was too simple and pretty familiar.
2.The climax-it could have been better!

Verdict-On the whole,'The Amazing Racist' is a highly entertaining work.This book is much better than the 'Half-Girl Friends' and the 'One Night@Call Centres'!Give it a try,you won't regret it! I'm giving it a good 3.5 out of 5.
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