The Carbon Conundrum by Adit Ambani

From the narrow streets of London to the unexplored tropical rainforests of Africa, to the misty hills of South America, Alvin and Jett get sucked into a fantastic hunt for the world s largest vivid yellow diamond. Along the way they unearth the ancient secrets of its mystical past and discover its links to a hidden treasure and unimaginable wealth that had once sealed the fate of a mighty kingdom. Legends come to life from within the burning heart of the diamond as Alvin and Jett face hostile situations and search remote corners of the world while competing against some of the most powerful men from the pages of history.

Nimue Says : The book starts with the robbery of Royal Incan diamond from the British Museum and though it was a replica , the real one is missing too.

Alvin , who has recently inherited the museum after his dad's death had to ask his uncle to keep the diamond safely who is killed protecting it. He hides the diamond and leaves behind a cryptic message for Alvin and Jett. While Alvin decides to recover the diamond in London , Jett decides to search for the other diamonds that were supposedly split from one big diamond and hidden in different corners of the Earth.

As much I liked reading Jett's adventures in the jungles and mountains of South Africa , I enjoyed how Alvin cracks the puzzle. But what he does after that to get to the diamond is product of an over stretched imagination. Add to that the part historical , part fantasy tale thrown into this mix, the book becomes a little hard to digest.

The writer seems to erase the lines between possible and the over dramatic twists a bit too often. If you overcome that , it is quite a decent read with good thriller scenes and lot of heroic escapes for both the guys.

My Rating : 3/5

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