Thoughts on Robin Cook's 'Coma'

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            This is not going to be a full fledged review.After all,what is the point in reviewing a book which is almost 30 years old and that too a really successful one? 'Coma' marked Dr Robin Cook's first big success as an author and was first published by Signet Books in 1977 (almost a decade before this blogger was born!).It is a medical thriller and traces the journey of Dr Susan Wheeler,a twenty something, attractive third year Medical Student who stumbles upon a couple of bizarre coma cases during the very first clinical posting of her medical studies.Pretty soon,she discovers that almost all those patients/victims had undergone only minor surgical procedures for their respective ailments before becoming comatosed.The inquisitive girl she is, Susan decides to find out the truth behind these mysterious cases and soon finds herself in deep trouble.
              More than the way it is written(there are plenty of scenes which defy logic and even the protagonist Susan is not a very likeable character),it is the central theme of the book which impressed me.The book should have been way ahead of it's time when it first came out.It may be 37 years old now,but never mind,it still manages to entertain!



  1. Not read this one. But I sure will try and get a copy soon :) Thanks for the recommendation!

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