Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Miss Moorthy Investigates-an ultra-short Book Review

Title-Miss Moorthy Investigates
Author-Ovidia Yu
Year- 2012
First Published in Singapore(1989)
Price-INR 195 /-
    When I picked up this work,little did I know that it was first published in 1989 because had i known that before,I would have definitely kept my expectations very low(many of the plot twists had a 'dated feel' to them).Set in the Singapore of the 70's,'Miss Moorthy investigates' traces the life of Savitri Moorthy,a Singapore settled Indian teacher.Her life takes a turn when she finds out that her favourite student's dad might be responsible for the death of her colleague,Evelyn.As the title suggests,'MMI' is all about Savi Moorthy's attempts to nab the killer of her acquaintance.
             The book is an easy read but I must also admit that the investigation part and the climactic twist didn't really work for me(may be it would have worked in the early ninetees,when the book was first published!).Besides,there were far too many things which were left un-explained at the end.(like,how did the killer manage to carry out the two murders,despite his/her victims being quite healthy and well-built?)

Verdict- Not a very thrilling read.I am giving it a generous two out of five.


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