Burn It by Jennifer Cie

A Tested Life Lesson:
Your heart can survive being broken, if you let it.

This is just one of the lessons or if you do not like a lesson book , treat it as one of Jennifer's thoughts that will make you smile , make you think , make you sad and even cry.
Every page is a memory of her life for her. But for me , it was a journey too. I learned with her , I grew up with her and I added my own memories to this experience , this book.
"Burn It" is a 60+ pages novella but when you are done , it makes an imapact like many 300 pages book could not.
The book opens with a poem "give it to them" :

Show yourself who you are when there is nothing left for them to take.
Go on.
Give it to them.

And trust me , it is an inspiring verse to read any time. 
what she labeled as Lectures on youth , love and death ; I wish she calls them letters ! 'Cause that's the feeling I get when I read those pages.

At the end , I leave you with her lines -

I am not an expert.
I am not pretending that I have any morals that merit calling me a good person.
I am not here to offer you a dream.
I don’t know what the world has to offer next, but I can tell you what has happened.
The truth is, this, is a collection of notes that I have known to be true. This is what was once going to
happen next. This is what I wish someone would have told me.

Am glad Jennifer told (wrote) some of these things and I am more glad I read them.

buy the book here : http://www.amazon.com/Burn-It-Jennifer-Cie/dp/1490528555

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