Come on Inner Peace, by Sachin Garg

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Sometimes, I don't know what to expect from a novel. It usually happens when the cover is comical, and the blurb reflective, thoughtful and pointing to a more emotional drama than the cover indicates. Not judging by the cover or anything, I promise. This book found its way into my bookshelf after a struggle. It seems to have traveled the city before it reached me. In that interim, more books came to read. So I guess to begin the review with an apology for the delayed review would be appropriate.

"If a book can change lives, this one definitely will."

Not sure if it has changed my life after reading, but the story definitely touches a chord with me. Perhaps a more on-target observation would be that the book would make you ponder about life, rather than change it. I could relate to the main character Samar a little, and the first person narration is definitely successful in drawing the reader in during the initial parts of the book. The language the author uses is very simple and effective. I would have liked it if the book kept my interest throughout, but it unfortunately doesn't. The ending, though very different, was somewhat predictable.

Did I find a thing or two about myself through reading the book? Yes and no. Like I said, it provokes thought about myself, but it doesn't make me find anything I already didn't know. I did however find a few memorable dialogues. That's always a good thing!

Is it worth reading? For me personally, it's a one time read. It's not a masterpiece, but not a total waste of time. It was engaging to a certain extent for sure.

My rating: 6.5 / 10

Book Details:
Title: Come on Inner Peace
Author: Sachin Garg
ISBN: 9789381841303
Genre: Fiction
Publishers: Grapevine
Price: INR. 100

Reviewed by Leo

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