Business Sutra by Devdutt Patnayik

 I signed up for reviewing this book only 'cause I love Devdutt Pattnaik books. At first when I began the book, I wondered if it was a good decision , since I am far far away from any sort of business / management profiles. But within a few pages , I fell into the flow of the author's direction of thought.
The introduction of the book covers his initiation into the topic , the basic definitions and ground rules for belief , the three beliefs , the culture , the links to management and before you know , you become comfortable with the stories & the morals that we can map to present times.CAM00048 The illustrations done by the author are as funny as simplistic to learn from. The attention is given to all details and presentation of the idea in most effective and understandable way. Each story that DP took from our scriptures & like wise , is so seamlessly transitioned into the modern story snippets. while I read the book , I paused and wondered if i had been in same situation or how do people usually react to these scenes. there are many ideas / learning that one can use in our personal lives too and not just business. After all , life too is a transactional sum of a lot of our actions of give and take like this : CAM00049 Even if you ignore the management part of things , the book has excellent tales and examples from mythology that would initiate you into this topic and make you read more and more. No one can make you impressed with mythology like DP does. The opening pages of the book were very easy as introductions of the topic felt like some one is talking just to you. The illustrations are awesome ! they are fun , clear and so on the mark. I almost got reminded of a teacher who taught us with similar stimulating visuals . No aspect of human or business lifeline is left untouched. Without much forceful reading , the author has made us so aware and curious about things around us and way we conciously or subconciously get affected by it. I will surely reccomend this book to all managers & entrepreneurs, if they ever plan to apply the indian way of dealing things.

 All in all , a good read. I would rate 3.5/5. 

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  1. I've always liked the idea of patterns and flowcharts that are handmade, in the books! The review sounds balanced and I really really want to give one shot to Mr. Patnaik. I really want to read his "The Pregnant King". :)


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