Monthly Update : Feb

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Stardate 01/03/13
Somewhere in South India. Sleepless.

So another month has passed. After a frenzied January, where we had 36 posts, February was comparatively relaxed. A bit more than relaxed actually. 3 posts!!!

*can I bury last month's archive somewhere where nobody ever finds it?*

Anyway, there are no complaints whatsoever. No complaints, no sad faces, no scoldings. Trust me. We all need a mass bunk now and then. Although not be design, February was the month when all of you were busy. Together. Including me.

Well Feb is over. Its March. So ditch your sarongs and bikinis and the pina coladas you've been sipping all month and get back to work. That also includes the guys, pitifully less we might be, ditch that cowboy hat, the Sunny Leone HD movie and buckle up.

We've books to read. Loads of them. Yes, March will have less activity as well. Most of you will have exams. See, I'm forever patient. Something my girlfriend refuses to believe. Nevertheless for you guys having exams, pick up your course books, study hard and score well.

Now. Serious things.

We've book requests. You know, because we've been sending you lists now and then. Finish those. Don't keep the authors waiting. That's not what we do.

We've new people here as well. You guys are welcome to ALOP, whenever you make an appearance. Hopefully that will be soon. Talking of making an appearance, some of you have been away for quite some time. That includes some core members of the team. You know who you are, I'm not naming anyone. As I said, immense patience I've. Also, it has come to my attention that one of our dear admins wanted to quit because he/she thinks they haven't been able to give appropriate time to us. *tch tch*

I will be reminding you and everyone one thing that is the foundation of this place. YOU DON'T LEAVE YOUR FAMILY. Sometimes I really want to spank you like little kids. Yes, you're making me and Nimue think of you as children. Aren't we cool enough?? Do we force you into anything? Do we ask much from you?

Anyway, March is here. A new month, a new beginning. There will be a giveaway by next week. This time it might be sponsored. We're in talks. Nevertheless, another exciting reason to come back to us. 

Also, most of you have expressed your displeasure at the new commenting system, DISQUS. I admit, its a new thing we implemented. But we do believe in going forward. So we humbly ask you to create an account or log in with your FB/GMAIL/TWITTER id. Its really simple.

Also, I'd like to see some more active participation in the ongoing challenges.

Have a good month folks. Read more, have fun, party hard, get drunk, GET LAID, make someone smile, call me up and then read some more.

FL and the entire Admin team.


  1. Feb = (1/12)*Jan? Hmm. Maybe March can improve :) I've a three or four lined up to put here anyways.

    Book requests... yeah, I'll get to mine when it gets to me :P

    Quit? ALOP? That too an admin... how terrible. Whoever you are (I'm still comparitively new here, so dunno who are the bosses yet), if u haven't been able to give appropriate time, giving no time at all by quitting is not the way :) Come on, Mr. FL is somewhat invisible these last two months too... (completely invisible last month). Get back to contributing slowly... besides, I can know you only through reviews, and I know just three or four of you at most :) Besides, I'm sure you'd have got a laugh hearing FL will spank you :P

    Disqus... OK! I solemnly swear I shall not complain of it again.

    Challenges... if u mean Mixed Review one, I have just the mother book (the 500+ one) to complete. I'll get it through soon.

    On a completely different note ==> FL, could you please update the internal reading+review stats? And put my progress bar color in "bottle green" instead of that "whatever-shade-it-is blue"? :)

  2. I swear i love these posts by FL .. i like them enough not to read and review for a month ;)
    no really .. I am super busy offlate so read only 1 book which i reviews too ..
    Hopefully i review atlwast 2-3 books in march .

    rest ,no complaints , no regrets .. meet , greet , talk , have fun and keep reading everyone :)

  3. Oooh, this is one of the reasons I will never ever quit ALOP. And FL, no spanking needed to remind us :D :P You are as patient as Buddha and therefore, I shall choose not to irk you. @Nimue: I heart you, truly. More than anybody!!

  4. I've given up on the Mixed review challenge...flew away with the wind because I forgot to include my finals in my grand reviewing schedule.But the annual,I will be trying.And Leo gets an award for being the most persistent.

    And don't I just love your mother-hen posts FL!:)

  5. most persistent with what? :-o

  6. Oh okay! In that case FL, do change my progress bar color to bottle green.. pleaaaaase :) I'd take that as an award :P

  7. will do Leo. in a couple of days. promise. hold on


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