Belated Birthday Wishes - Arpita

So as it is, we forgot to wish our dearest Arpi on her birthday which went by yesterday 
I know I forgot too....Sorry, hon 
But as they say, better late than never

Happy Happy Wala 22nd , Love!!


Tonnes of books 
Plenty of cakes and treats   
Endless Booze (or if you prefer, mojitos and mocktails)  
Great Grades in exams   
and loads and loads of love from all  


  1. I forgot too... sigh.. I knew I had to wish, I tht I'd do at midnight, fell asleep, then forgot in the mrng!

    Wishing you a belated but doubly loving happy birthday :) Hope you had a fantastic day, and that continues through the year...

    May your year be blessed with lots of success, fortune, and not to forget... BOOKS! :D (so we get lots of reviews too!)

  2. Oooh...but I have ignorance to blame.But not next year.

    Anyway,a belated Happy Birthday to you and may this new year(and the ones to come!) be absolutely fantasmogrifically wonderful!:

  3. awwww this is so sweeet!! thank you so much for the lovely post and good wishes. you all are the best. :D


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