Dark by Paul Secada

I dismiss stories and books quite easily. Some times for predictability and at times just for the language of the book. This one , i did the same in middle but what really made this one an amusing novelette was the fact that it completely turned around ( and I mean it LITERALLY ;) ) !

The end was wham out of the blue , something I did not see coming. you what I mean right ? Don't we all like when the author spins a tale where you re read the end to make sure you did no miss anything !

Samuel Dean is an accomplished novelist. His career has skyrocketed to unheard of heights. However, his personal life is a different tale altogether. When a super storm menaces the city of New York, his story gets turned upside down by a darkness that has followed him most of his life: himself. Told from the perspective of the character, Dark takes the reader into a twisted world filled with sex, drugs and an ending you won’t see coming…

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Paul's writing has a flow and it works good atleast for me. I prefer the author talking to me and Paul talks a way you can relate to. The honesty and the grandeur in his words makes is easy to imagine the scenes unfolding in front of your eyes. This novelette was sure a worthy read. Made me smile , made me feel lost and in the end , made me sit back and notice what I had read.

Give it a try !
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Length : 53 pages
Price : 56 (.99$)

Rating : 4/5


  1. Even I'm horrible like that at times but dismissing any book is painful.You should see me at book fairs,worried about all the poor,unclaimed babies I'm leaving behind!:)
    I'd definitely give this a try!

  2. no book needs to be dismissed. but some authors sure make me feel that i tell you ;)

  3. Glad I was able to flip the switch on you then :)

  4. 56 pages? only? Am reading this one soon

  5. you will like it even if you say its routine plot !


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