Ink Dries - by Anand Vishwanadha

Impressions off the back-cover:
A book of poems which are vivid in the pictures that they paint in words, and explore the many facets of emotion, of life, and presented with honesty and directness. The meaning of the title itself is quite profound, as indicated in the back cover.

My thoughts on the book:
To be a good poet, one must read good poetry too. I read some wonderful poets on Blogsville, but only have few poetry books in my collection. One of my recent acquisitions was the poetry collection of one Anand Vishwanadha, entitled “Ink Dries”. Seeing it on Flipkart, the first thing that allured me to it was the cover page. A simple sunset… I couldn’t imagine anything better for a book of poems.

A good poem is what makes one think, a better one is what tells it true and still makes us think for the beauty the words portray. Some of the poems in this collection are nothing short of brilliant. If you, like me, are intrigued by the title itself, you’ll find yourself looking through the contents page for the poem titled by that name, and once you’ve read that, and then read it again, you’ll whisper a soft wow, as the meaning of the poem sinks in. It’s small, but something I could relate to. Another one that caught my attention is entitled “Dry Days” and it speaks of the days deprived of love, and how yet, even after that, love survives. A third that is memorable is the one titled “Meaning(s)”, which speaks of life that holds meaning only when we give it, like any other word. “Moment That Rhyme”, “What does the heart say?” and “Gilded Moon” are some others that spring to mind.

Overall impressions:
For poetry lovers; and I mean one who is interested in reading them as well, this book holds many poems that will touch your heart. All are written with a certain crispness, and meaning that is deeply etched.

3.75 / 5

Book details:
Title: Ink Dries
Author: Anand Vishwanadha
Genre: Poetry
Price: INR 200
ISBN: 9788190947411
Publishers: Coucal Books


  1. Even though I love poetry, I can never bring myself to buying one. *le sigh*

    Maybe I can borrow from you when we meet? :D aaargghhh...just remembered, sorry couldn't meet up this time :(

  2. Leo! it's so good to c ur review again! i dunno if i'm going to buy it, but if i can manage to borrow the book from someone, i will definitely read it. :)

  3. @FL, * le sigh * and you shouldn't be saying "when we meet", its more of a "if we EVER meet".

    @Arpita, thanks! do check it out sometime if someone has it. :) will be back with another review sometime soon.

  4. It sounds lovely...the title especially so!

  5. poetry books are just .. magic :)

  6. @Talitha: yeah. it is quite lovely :) some poems are atleast mindblowing I find.

    @Nimue: yep :) try this one some day if u can.


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