Happy Birthday Yatin

And bright the sun shone
The fateful day ALOP found
A reader in you.


From the entire family at ALOP, we wish Yatin a very, very, happy birthday.

Keep reading, keep reviewing, keep enjoying both.

And oh, sip on some fine wine :D

P.S| We would appreciate some embarrassing pics :D


  1. Thanks you so much FL and Arpita and entire team of ALOP. Its been a great association and I hope we all read a LOT, review a LOT.

    Happy Diwali to all of you as well! Keep Rocking!

    And about the embarrassing pics! :P Well, there wouldn't be any! :P Festive season is going on and I have to behave myself unwillingly! :P

  2. A very Happy Birthday to you, Yatin. May the years to come be filled with love, joy and prosperity. :)
    Oh and yeah a very Happy Diwali to you as well :)

  3. HAPPPYYYYY BIRRRTHHHDAAYYYY YATIN!!! *Drum Rolls and Claps and Whistles* :D :D

    Hope to see you around always!! :D

    PS: Happy Diwali too!! :) :)

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  5. Happy Birthday Yatin, Bless u :) we all are so proud of the reviewer u are. Thanks for all the contribution and efforts. Wish u lot of success and happiness on both professional and personal front in year to come

  6. Happpiiieeee belated bday Yatin :)
    wheres the cake ??
    wheres the sweets ?


  7. Thanks Everyone. :)

    @Nimue :Cake and sweets whenever we meet. Pakka :)


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