Five Get into trouble by Enid Blyton

This giveaway challenge as much as it was interesting and tempting , it caught me at wrong time. 5 days vacation at home and trust me , my mom wants to see me as far as possible from reading. but still , I did find this old , yellowed copy of "Famous Five" adventure while cleaning my book rack.

Ah ! the memories of reading many of these books in school library.

Five get into trouble is the eighth book in the Famous Five series and it opens into a delightful breakfast scene where the Five ( the kids + the dog Timmy) decide to go on a bicycling trip while their parents are away.

The descriptions of the country side , the picnic setting , the food spread , the villages they cross and the enthusiasm is so infectious that you really feel yourself transported into the scene.

Timmy and George make me smile the most with their bonding and love for each other. Julian is the perfect elder brother sort of guy . The sweetest little one Anne  and the naughty one Dick just completes the picture of friends you would love to surround yourself with.

The Five meet Richard at one of the lakes, owned by his dad and so the adventure begins as trouble follows this boy. Its like they say , "this guy was definitely bad news!" but you can't help feeling bad for him either as he is blamed for the troubles.

Dick is kidnapped 'cause of mistaken identity and the rest have to find him ASAP. They get trapped , threatened and even have to hide with a convict to escape the men responsible for all this mess up.

A little predictable (of course! ) but yes , it is sure an awesome read. a good , much needed break from the thrillers and crime fictions available today in market. The settings , the people , the writing  is all simple and endearing.

Thank you ALOP for this awesome opportunity to relive some of my childhood.


Price : Does it matter ? 


  1. I remember this book. It was fun fun fun. You know what was so awesome? The way they describe the food... and the aromas...nom nom nom nom. I love Enid Blyton. Ofcourse, its predictable now. But 15 years ago, these were the best things that happened to us! :D

  2. i too love how they describe the food! and george is my favorite. :P


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