Jack Is Back In Corporate Carnival - P.G. Bhaskar

Another book dedicated to corporate culture, and I quite liked it. Jack Is Back In Corporate Carnival is a light read and definitely one of the funniest books that I have read in recent times. We cannot call it as a sequel, but yes its the book two of Jack Patel's series penned down by P G Bhaskar after his first book, the bestseller, Jack Patel's Dubai Dreams. The book has an interesting cover and also I liked the way it is printed, it endorses a flip page animation effect with the man coming down with the help of a parachute as the book progresses.

Jack Is Back In Corporate Carnival opens with Jack and Kitch, both the friends joining a new job in Dubai only, Adriann Abott bank. Peggy is still their boss and she is the reason why both of them are there. Kitch is married to Galiya and Jack to Mina, Kitch is a father of two year old Olga who keeps appearing and disappearing in the story. There is too much travelling that both Jack and Kitch have to do to tap in new clients for their bank. The new account holders invest millions of money on Jack's recommendation, for which Jack travels to many places in Africa. There are holidays, witty discussions, super hilarious events and what keeps Jack, Kitch, Peggy and the other teammates on their toes.

P G Bhaskar's writing is something to lookout for. The book is an absolute page turner. It keeps cracking you up and also keeps you on your toes. The way the whole story has been narrated is simply awesome. Spread over 20 chapters and 305 pages, the book is a rollicking roller coaster ride. If are you looking for something that's funny and interesting at the same time, pick this one up. You'd love it.

Book Source : Harper Collins India
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-5029-351-5


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