Haven of Obedience - Marina Anderson

 Title : Haven of Obedience
 Author : Marina Anderson
 Pages : 327
 Genre : Erotic Fiction
 Publisher : Hachette India
 ISBN : 978-0-7515-5051

Ever since 50 shades trilogy has bombed the booming publishing industry, a lot of authors are coming up with their books dedicated to erotic fiction and comparing them with the 50 shades trilogy. Well, there is no harm in that. I have read the entire 50 shades trilogy and I quite liked it too, not because of the erotica that it endorses but because there was a nice story in it. Nice but simple. Haven of Obedience happened to me when I was surfing Hachette India's website and I when I saw "Devoured Fifty Shades?", I thought let's give it a try and I did. Got this book this morning and here I am with its review :)

If you ask me to be completely honest with what I felt about Haven of Obedience, you will get a one word answer - Disappointing. After reading this 327 page book, I couldn't figure out what the author was trying to do. This might be the first negative review that I am posting here but I really couldn't figure out what was happening in the book. I kept turning its pages  because I thought, at some point there would be some story that would pop up but alas! 

The book opens up with a speech by Rob Gill, the main guide/instructor/owner of The Haven, based in Sussex, London. The Haven is basically a resort or retreat zone for people who want to explore their dark sexual desires. Natalie Bowen, a successful editor who runs her own magazine is London is introduced to this place by her best friend Jan. Jan spent a weekend at The Haven and came out a completely changed person. Natalie wanted something fresh in her life and she decided to spend 2 consecutive weekends at The Haven where she meets Simon and explores her sexual desires and limits with him as a tutor there. 

I so wish Marina Anderson had worked a bit on the storyline of the book. If the erotica is concerned, there is too much of it in the book. I mean at times I felt like I am reading a porn story. The language is pretty simple and the expressions are repetitive.     Considering this is a trilogy too, I am expecting the next books in the series to be carrying some story. I am definitely going to read them because I want to understand the author's idea behind coming up with something like this. :)

(Review asked by Hachette India)
Book Source : Hachette India


  1. why do people forget , thre is nothing in a book if not a good story to hold interest ! no amount of erotica can save it ..

  2. Yup, I felt the same for this book.


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