Happy Birthday Chandana

Late are the wishes
And words may be few
But with all the love in our hearts
We wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you..

A new year beckons
A new dawn smiles
Mesmerise us with your words
and let the reviews fly...

Happy Birthday Chandana aka The Girl @ First Avenue

P.S: I go for one day and you guys forget! *SIGH* Extremely sorry Chandana for the late wishes.


  1. belated happy birthday chandana! i couldn't figure out whether ur bday was a day before or after ALOP's! sorry about that :P i hope u had a great day n that u know that we all miss u. hope to hear from u soon. loads of love. :)

  2. Belated Birthday wishes Chandana. We hope you had a great day. Best wishes for the days that are to come. :)

  3. Thank you SO MUCH guys! This is such a pleasant surprise!

    This just makes me miss reading books all the more now! It's been ages since I touched or even looked at a novel :/

    Anyway.. Belated wishes to ALOP too.. It has come a long long way. Wishing it many more successful years. @FL - really touching post!

    Thank you once again.. Hope to be back soon!


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