Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Cavern of Black Ice - J.V Jones

(Book One of 'Sword of Shadows')

AUTHOR - J.V Jones

BEST-SELLERS - 'The Book of Words' trilogy

SYNOPSIS - When Raif Sevrance and his brother return home to their clan as the only survivors of a vicious attack in which both their father and the clan chief were killed, it is not only grief that clouds Raif's thoughts. The new chief's reign is a brutal one, made worse by his brother's acceptance of it. When his uncle, Angus Lok, invites Raif to accompany him to Spire Vanis, it seems that he has no choice but to leave his home. It is the start of a journey that will change his life - and the world he inhabits.

EXCERPT - Engorged with blood, heavy with life force, driven by the one thing that the gods had no power over, the heart filled Raif's sights like a glance into the sun. Things became known to him, small things around the body that surrounded the vital, pumping core. The weasel man's blood ran too fast, rushing through his body like hot steam in search of release. His liver was hard and dimpled, dark with disease, and only one testicle hung from his groin.
This and more Raif knew in less time than it took for a used breath to ascend from his lungs. It meant nothing. Nothing. The heart was his.

He kissed the string and released the arrow, and by the time his shoulders had dealt with the recoil, the weasel man was dead. Heart-killed. His legs dropped beneath him, his bladder failed, and he was gone.

FL Speak - When you think of fantasy, i want you to think of something other than Artemis Fowl, twilight, Harry Potter and LOTR. There is a whole different universe out there and this book just proves how ignorant i was of fantasy writers.

A good read. Won't compare it to Tolkien because that will be blasphemy and still won't compare it to Rowling as its not something a teenager would actually understand. This is a book for serious fantasy readers. Excellent characterisation and a superb background over the proverbial story arc. No you won't be finding Trolls or Orcs or Elfs here, this is later day fantasy where men were dominant and sorcery was feared.

Its the story of a boy from a clan faced with the consequences of his choices, his journeys to the end of the places the world of men knew, his commitments and his struggle to control his destiny and those that came with it.

My rating - 3.8 outta 5. And with 3 other books remaining before the story concludes, it can only get better.

PRICE - INR 350 from Orion Press 

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Larsson


Author - Stieg Larsson

Best-Sellers - The Millennium Trilogy

SYNOPSIS - "I want you to find out who in the family murdered Harriet, and who since then has spent almost forty years trying to drive me insane."

Henrik Vanger, head of the dynastic Vanger Corporation, is tormented by the loss of a child decades earlier and is convinced that a member of his family has committed murder.

Mikael Blomkvist delves into the Vangers' past to uncover the truth behind the unsolved mystery. But someone else wants the past to remain a secret and will go to any lengths to keep it that way.

Lisbeth Salander, the enigmatic, delinquent and dangerous security specialist, assists his investigation. A genius computer hacker, she tolerates no restrictions placed upon her by individuals, society or the law.

EXCERPT - It was the tiny details that he could easily have missed if he had not been alert: some papers not as evenly stacked as he remembered; a binder not quite flush on the shelf; his desk drawer closed all the way - he was positive that it was a centimetre open when he left.
Someone had been inside his office.

He had locked the door, but it was an ordinary old lock that almost anyone could pick with a screwdriver, and who knew how many keys were in circulation. He systematically searched his office, looking for what might be missing. After a while he decided that everything was still there.

FL Speak - Forty years ago, Harriet Vanger vanished. Its time to find out why - whatever the cost.

Thus begins the breathtaking first book of the Millenium Trilogy. A rip-roaring thriller and characters equally amazing. The girl, Lisbeth Salandar is someone to be awed upon. She has an amazing background and even though Mikael Blomkvist is the hero of the story, its the heroine, Salander that garners the most attention and around whom the story is arched. Thriller has a raised its bar....with Lisbeth Salander.
The book is an epic roller coaster of steadily accelerating narrative and sublime plotlines. A stellar story, a punk heroine and a splendid location. This book has all that it needs. The good part is, there are two more books after this one.

My rating : 4.7 outta 5. yes, its that good.

PRICE - INR 350 for paperback by Maclehouse Press.

The Host - Stephenie Meyer


Author - Stephenie Meyer
(Best selling author of the Twilight Saga)

Best-sellers- 1. Twilight 2. New Moon 3)Eclipse 4) Breaking Dawn

Synopsis- Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that takes over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact and most of humanity has succumbed.
Wanderer, the invading soul, who has been given Melanie's body knew about the challenges of living inside a human, the overwhelming emotions, the too vivid memories. But there was one dificulty Wanderer didn't expect. The former tenant of her body refusing to relinquish possesion of her mind.
Melanie fills Wanderer's thoughts with visions of the man Melanie loves. Jared, a human, who still lives in hiding. Unable to separate herself from her body's desires, Wanderer years for a man she's never met. As outside forces make Wanderer and Melanie unwilling allies, they set off to serch for a man they both love.

Excerpt- The red and blue lights swirled in time with the siren's cry.

Before the souls had come to this place, these lights and sounds had only one meaning. The law, keepers of the peace, the punishers of the offenders.

Now, again, the flashing colors and angry noise had only one meaning. A very similar meaning.
Still the keepers of the peace. Still the punishers.


FL speak- okays, after a long time this is the first Book Review. Book Reviews tend to be very boring...atleast for me....so i will be write about it the way i normally write...i.e...in a crap way! The best thing about this book is that it has everything...from romance to action...Not Mills and Boon romance, but the type that we saw in Twilight which made the gals go crazy over the Cullens and made the lads acknowledge the fact that romance may not be so boring. (Though sparkly vampires is not my glass of beer)

And thus began the story of the HOST......featuring what may be the first love triangle involving only two bodies. And awesome book....a must read...if you trust my reading skills....lol.It will make you want to finish the book in one go and yet would make you wish the story never ends. Stephenie Meyer.....i bow to you.

I would rate it 4 outta 5. Deducted a point not because of the plot...but because of the fact that there is no Alice Cullen here....i looooove Alice....lol

Great book, a great read....and dying for the sequel (if there is to be one) and the movie!

Price- 550 bucks in Chennai, Delhi from a particular press company, price may vary upon publication houses. In airports, its more costly...i made that mistake of getting it from there. The price mentioned is strictly for Paperbacks. Second hand...about 70-150 bucks.

P.S| Use the comments section to suggest a book you would want me to review before you actually read it. Am going book-hunting today and tommorrow. Until the next time, its FL signing off...

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