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Review: The Ghosts of Gurugram by Debeshi Gooptu

6:36:00 PM

The Ghosts of Gurugram The Ghosts of Gurugram by Debeshi Gooptu
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5/ 5

This book looked like a little serious when I began reading. Ofcourse the inspiration and the plot idea is a topic of concern these days. But actually the book was fun to read.

 Tara moves to guru gram to get over a breakup and to start life afresh at a new job. While she makes friends at office , her house ghost also decides to make a friend out of Tara and that leads to an adventure that is both heart warming and heart breaking. The book was well balanced with a good heart and a solid writing style. The gems of wisdom and after effects of our choices are so subtly presented by the author. This really made me little more aware of our own hesitation to seek others and to drive our life better. Enjoyed this short quick read.

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#Review: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

11:54:00 PM

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The book is about Precious Rotswane, who is addressed as Mma Ramotswe by everyone. She is a fat , intelligent lady who lives by the old African morals and likes people who follow the same. Yet, she is modern in her outlook and lifestyle. The book talks about her life and how she starts the first and only ladies detective agency in her country. Simple people , real lives and real troubles solved so methodically by the female detective, Mma Ramotswe . The writing is short sweet and rustic sort, that makes this book so enjoyable. It brings the country of Africa alive in the readers mind. Together with her secretary and best friend, Mma Ramotswe was a delight to read about. Perfect weekend read for me.

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#Review: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

11:06:00 AM

Turtles All the Way Down Turtles All the Way Down by John Green
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After a long long time I encountered a book that I liked and disliked equally. It's like reading about Aza was as exhausting as her friend Daisy felt about being with her. But then, Aza and her life together with the wonderful conversations of Davis made this book so so beautiful to read.

Aza is stuck with the thoughts of her own mind , thoughts on being sick , thoughts of not being good and thus thought spiral is getting out of control. She seems self obsessed most times while always wanting to be the other way. Daisy is fun, free and a normal teenage girl that wants to escape her poor life and be famous and live to the fullest. Together they chance upon the mystery of finding a fugitive billionaire in order to win a reward. That's how Aza ,who knew the son Davis meets him again and that's the most beautiful part of this book. Not the love story but how their crazy thoughts and life coping mechanism fit together , as long as it lasts.

The book is an essay on mental health , the beauty of love , friendship and dealing with loss aswegrow up into adults.

You have to read John Green to have your heart broken and mended , same time.

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Historical Fiction

#Review - A column of fire by Ken Follet

2:45:00 PM

If my teachers taught history this good , I would have know most of the stories already. Well, it did not happen and that gives us a reason to pick historical fiction books . This is my first Ken Follet book and if many people say this is the least favorite book of the trilogy, am going to read the first two ,I am sure.

This is not just a book that pits countries or ideologies against each other but also tells the stories of families broken and friendships cracked as politics and religion changed in the region. For me the whole history and the politics of that era and countries - England , France , Spain and Netherlands was very I retesting read. It was interesting to read and know of the Queens that ruled or dominated the scene that time. Also , the setting and the working of the spy network was quite fascinating.

This was a huge fat book that took me just 5 pages to get into it and surprised me with the fondness I had for characters even after I closed the book. A few too many people , but too good action going around all time. The sea warfare was specially my favorite scene of all. This book was a wonderful ride that I managed in less than 2 weeks. That engrossing this book was.

My rating - 5/5


#Review: The whole shebang- sticky bits of being a woman by Lalita Iyer

3:06:00 PM

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The book did not take time to get into the business of why it was written. And. That was something that made reading this so easy and fun. It handled every aspect of being a woman with sensitivity and a lot of humor. I could relate to a lot of the chapters specially live and career and the whole thought process if friends and money. But then, the fun ended too soon for me.

While the book was indeed funny and most times it hit the mark bang on with the analysis and the comparisons , I felt it a little rushed. It started beautifully with some amazing anecdotes and painting a picture of what to expect. But by the end , it felt a little rushed. I would have wanted to dwell a little more on the chapters , perhaps I just enjoyed it too much. I actually laughed out loud while reading this as my husband gave me amused looks.

I will recommend this book to guys more than the ladies so they might have some idea about what goes behind the scenes in the life ofthe women around them or in their life.

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